Fashion Designer Apps for IOS

Fashion Designer Apps for IOS

fashion designer apps

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You never know when inspiration may strike and this is especially true if you are a fashion designer. If you have an IOS device then there are some great fashion designer apps so that you are never without your notes, sketches, swatches and mood boards. These fashion designer apps will help you go from concept to sample whilst you are on the move. These fashion designer apps will also help you to streamline the entire process.

Fashion Designer Apps


1. Fotopedia Heritage

As a fashion designer especially if you are still a student or just starting out on your exciting career, you may find it hard to jet set around the world for inspiration which is where this fashion designer app comes in. Fotopedia Heritage was created in co-operation with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and compiles hundreds of high resolution photos from every corner of the globe. You are able to bookmark your favourite images, filter them by tag or region or shuffle them all. This is sure to get you inspired with culture.

2. Art Authority

Art is a huge inspiration for fashion designers and one piece of art has the ability to anchor an entire fashion collection. Art Authority for iPad has one of the most extensive and most organisedcollections of artwork.

3. Design Library

You are able to get to know the textile industry and lift your designs to greater heights with the Design Library. You can take a look into the most extensive textile libraries in the world as well as browse beautiful selections from every corner of the world from 1750 to 1990.

4. Sketchbook Pro for iPad

Fashion design and the sketches are able to take on many forms and styles from the vaguer to the conceptual and to those that note every stich. Sketchbook Pro is the fashion designer app that you need as it has a variety of brushes and a neat interface.

5. myPantone

The Pantone colours are a must for all designers to know as the company is responsible for global colour trends, the code regulation of colour and swatches across all of the creative communities. You are able to select a colour and the app will create the colour families which you are then able to save and share.

6. MoodBoard

This is a great fashion designer app because when you are designing a collection you will rely on mood boards so that the vision is focused. The Moodboard for iPad makes it easy to create mood boards as you can use the internet in app and press the crop symbol on the menu bar to capture anything that you may see. You can also make swatches of your colour theme which can be instantly installed and much more.

7. Sewing Kit

The final fashion designer app is sewing kit so that you can get organised. You can store and catalog all of your patterns, fabrics, projects and measurements with this fashion designer app and every time you enter something into the app you can record countless details.

These are some of the best fashion designer apps that will help you to create, design and stay organised.


3 Essential Business Apps

We hear that there is an app for everything, but we don’t always take advantage of it. As technology is becoming more advanced and new innovative ideas are coming out, it’s hard to stay up to date with all of the apps and it’s even harder to understand how to use everything.

If you have a small business and need to improve productivity there may be an app out there for your business. However, looking for the latest business apps and the best ones takes time that any businessman or businesswoman may find hard to make time for. To help you save time on looking for the best apps out there, and then extra time on trying to figure out how to use it, here are reviews of the biggest apps that can be used for your business.

Google apps

Google took the average businessman, asked them, “what do you need?” and gave them exactly that. The internet has made the world a smaller place, which makes the distance between colleagues sometimes larger. All of Google’s apps allows colleagues to collaborate on a project from across the world without one colleague missing a beat. Thanks to Google Drive, you can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations which your colleagues can add changes to. This way, there is no need to cancel any trips when you have work to do, or for the million emails that clarify the same thing to different colleagues. There’s just one app and dozens of files that can be shared.

The only downfall is that everyone who is involved would have to have a Gmail account. But, this account is free so it shouldn’t be of any inconvenience to sign up for one.

Indeed app

To start a small business, you need to have clients. Depending on what type of business you own, knowing when people are recruiting or are in need of a service could be helpful to you.

Whenever someone looks for jobs online, Indeed is guaranteed to come as a search result. They have advertisements of job posts and now have an app. They are quick and easy to use as you are able to submit your CV once and then simply apply without submitting it every time. However, you should not only rely on Indeed as they do not have every single job listed from every single corner of an area that you are searching.

Time Recording

Keeping track of time in a business environment has never been easier. If your services charge by the hour, this app is absolutely perfect. You are able to “check in” and “check out”. This gives you much more precision. Customers are even able to see evidence of this as you are able to add your timesheet into Google Drive or Dropbox. What more could you ask from an app?

Small Business Apps

Small Business Apps

Apps are becoming more popular and powerful, which have prompted small businesses and entrepreneurs are relying on these tools to help them with their business from how it runs and to help the business grow.

There are some business apps that will get you organised, connected and visible. Here is a list of some useful mobile and web apps that you can use for your business.

1. Evernote

Evernote is an app that ensures users are able to remember everything. You are able to store, organise and share texts, photos and voice notes. This means that entrepreneurs can keep track of all their ideas so that they never forget them.

2. Google Drive

Googles new drive app let users to port and edit files from PC to tablet to smartphones. It is a fully featured office suite and the software also acts as full cloud drive, which lets you store any file type via a virtual drive app or web interface.

The Google Drive app is a top choice for smaller businesses webmail.

3. FormMobi

FormMobi is a virtual clipboard. It allows professionals to gather and distribute data on any mobile device. It is a solid tool for filling forms whilst you are the on go. You are also able to record audio, take pictures, collect signatures and also create CAD quality sketches.

4. Bump

Bump is a networking app that allows entrepreneurs to use virtual business cards. Users are able to trade information, photos and files by bumping two smartphones together.

5. Tripit

Tripit is the app for business travellers so that they are able to keep track of all their trip arrangements in one simple place. It will also gather weather updates, directions and maps.

6. LocalVox

LocalVox is a marketing app which enables you to build your brand online. You will be able to publish news, deal announcements and events. These updates are then carried over various online channels.

7. Expensfy

The Expensfy app will keep track of business expenses and mileage. Users can scan and upload receipts.

These receipts can also be filed by trip and submit expense reports to employers.

8. Asana

This is a simple alternative to the complicated work management software. Users will be able to manage work projects and personal projects in one place with an easy to use interface.

These are top business apps that are able to simplify your work and your work travel.

You can keep everything organised and share information in your business with other employees and also consumers with ease.

Paying with Cash vs. Card – the pros and cons

Paying with Cash vs. Card – the pros and cons

Generally we carry cards around so that we are able to pay for items, whether it’s a debit card or a credit card as it seems to be easier than having cash on us, but which form of paying is actually the best?

Credit cards and cash both have their individual pro’s and con’s which you can use to decide how you will be paying for items.

Credit Card Pro’s

From convenience to security, credit cards offer consumers many advantages.

  • Purchase now, pay later

If there is something that you want to buy, but it is pricey then a credit card is perfect. It allows you to get the item immediately, but you can spread the payment over a couple of months.

  • Use a credit card for online shopping

Online shopping is great as you are able to find your item and have it delivered, but you will need to have a credit card with most sites in order to pay. This is because it’s an easy and secure way of paying. Also credit cards are accepted around the world by mobile credit card machines allowing the consumer to buy items from overseas.

  • Shop safely with a credit card

Credit cards offer you protection on purchases that you make. If the transaction goes wrong then you are able to get your money back. Also if you are the victim of credit card fraud, then you are protected and can claim that money back.

  • Improve your credit score

If you use a credit card and pay back everything on time and in considerable amounts you are able to improve your credit score. This then helps you in securing loans and insurances in the future.

Credit Card Con’s

As with most good things there are also a few drawbacks to using credit cards.

  • Credit card debt

Whilst it’s wonderful to be able to buy now and pay later, there are still risks because you are using borrowed money. Every month you are required to pay off the balance that you owe. If you are not able to settle your balance, the interest rate on the amount will start to build up placing you further into debt.

Aim to pay more than the monthly minimum so that the interest is kept at bay.

  • Hidden credit card fees

The interest rate on a credit card is not the only fee. If you are late making your payment then an additional fee will be charged.

If you use your credit card at an ATM, you need to bear in mind that depending on your provider, a fee will be charged.

So what about cash?

Pro’s of Using Cash

  • Spend cash and spend less

It has been proven that when using cash we are more cautious and spend less. When we use a credit card we don’t think about the amount we are spending as we do not see the money leave our wallets.

  • Be prepared for ‘cash-only’ situations

There are plenty of times when we actually need cash on us, as it makes sense to pay smaller amounts in cash instead of using a credit card. Other times when one may need cash is to pay for things like car parking where cards are sometimes not accepted.

  • Cash has no fees

When you pay with cash you do not have to pay a fee nor do you need to worry about interest or paying a monthly sum back to the credit provider.

  • Keep track of your spending

When you use cash you will get a better feel of the amount of money that you are spending. When you swipe your card it’s not real money it’s an instant buying option meaning that your spending could get out of control.

Con’s of Using Cash

  • Cash offers no protection

If your wallet and cash are stolen, there is nothing that you can do as you are unable to claim the cash back.

  • Withdrawing cash can be a hassle

If you are only going to use cash then you will need to withdraw enough or make trips to the ATM often. Also you may not be able to buy expensive items and will have to save before you are able to.

  • Some Vendors only accept plastic

There are some companies that only accept cards. Online shops, hotels and other businesses will only accept credit cards for insurance and as a form of identity.

Both cash and card are preferred forms of payment that have their unique pro’s and con’s.  Considering the advantages and disadvantages of each, perhaps it is best to always carry both forms of payment on you.



office 365

Cloud-based Office 365 for Business Review

Office 365, A New Business App on the Block

By now you should have heard of the release of Microsoft Office 365, with the application development complete the latest cloud-based version of Microsoft Office 2013 was released earlier this year in South Africa and late 2012 in other parts of the world.

Available as separate applications for small businesses and larger enterprises, Office 365 has been rated highly as one of the most comprehensive and compatible productivity suites on offer right now. As a cloud-based distribution system, its set of applications and functionalities for businesses places it ahead of competition such as the free suites offered by Google Docs, LibreOffice and Although the established Google Apps for Business offers cross-platform and cross-device usage and support options, Microsoft Office 365 surpasses it in terms of functionalities and familiarity amongst Windows-based PC and device users.

office 365

Here’s a quick look at what Office 365 can offer you and your business:

How secure is Office 365 for business?

Unlike the Office 365 Enterprise Plans wherein users are protected with a secure https Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)-encrypted connection through SharePoint, business professionals and small to medium-sized business users will not benefit from SSL-encrypted protection. For now, user name and password protection is available for intranet-level team site(s) security to ensure simplicity and usability. According to Mark Kashman, Microsoft senior product manager for SharePoint Online, future improvements in this regard are in the pipeline.

Attractive look and feel of Office 365 for business

Familiarity with office applications amongst its established user base plays in Microsoft’s favour.

Free SkyDrive storage space

Encouraging the use of online storage, sharing and collaboration wherever online access is available, Office 365 for business enables business users to work on the go. It should be noted though, effective use of SkyDrive as part of Office 365 relies on users having a fast and reliable internet connection, which may not always be possible when working from remote areas.

Supreme functionality

Collaborating with business colleagues or clients using MS Office applications have never been this easy. Enabling real time collaboration across the broad online and mobile spectrum of PCs, the web, and mobile phones, Office 365 for business allows for several users to access email, share calendars and collaborate. Key improvements to Office 365 include new functionalities such as MS Word’s PDF Roundtrip editing, which enables Word to PDF and PDF to Word conversion bound to save its users time and money. New enhancements made to Excel are most notable in Excel’s Flash Fill tool that predicts patterns in data and offers auto-filling and Excel’s Quick Analysis tool that allows users to convert data into a table or chart format in fewer steps than possible before. Other enhancements to the Microsoft’s suite of applications are evident in PowerPoint’s Presenter View, which takes the sweat out of memorising or holding your speaker notes by providing the presenter a view of the slideshow alongside their notes on their screen, while the audience is offered a notes-free presentation of the slideshow on a different screen.

Office 365 Subscription Plans for Business

A per user subscription allows for Office 365 to be installed on up to 5 PCs or Macs. Offering more flexible transferable options recently, Office 365 can also be deactivated on one machine (desktop, portable PC or Mac) and activated on another, once every 90 days. View and compare the Office 365 subscription options for business here:


Take Office 365 for a test drive

Overall, improved functionalities of Office 365 for business allows for greater productivity in general day-to-day business operations. Gain free access to Office 365 for 30 days and explore its brilliant business-friendly features by visiting Microsoft website here: